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Sports Odds Direct is strategically designed to be an accurate odds-making service for sportsbooks on a Domestic and International level. Featuring the Glantz/Korner Line, Sports Odds Direct is spearheaded by Keith Glantz and Pete Korner. Combining years of industry experience along with leading technology and AI, Sports Odds Direct offers a unique perspective to setting the betting lines.


Sports Odds Direct is making its mark in the world as a well-respected authority in creating the point spreads. Utilizing more than 30 years of odds-making experience, combined with more than 25 years of historical sports statistics, the science behind the creation of the odds is distinctive in its approach to the industry. As Sports Odds Direct recognizes the specific needs of each sportsbook, we carefully develop and implement a day-to-day operational business plan for a successful sports gaming operation.


Sports Odds Direct operates 24-Hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We are fully staffed to handle both Domestic and International clients. Live operators based in the United States will solve any issues in a timely fashion. Our goal is to minimize any potential downtime or computer glitches so your profit margins stay high.


Inquire today on how to carry the "Glantz/Korner Line" for gaming operation. Available for Radio, TV and Newspaper websites.


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In addition to our odds service, Sports Odds Direct, in association with Sports Gaming Media and Sports Gaming Publishing, brings you sports gaming’s top print and digital books, guides, and schedules.  Learn more about our current offerings, and visit Sports Gaming Publishing for orders and subscriptions.


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2022-2023 NFL/College Football Schedule

Get the complete 2022 NFL/College Football Schedule, featuring all 32 NFL teams and all FBS college football teams. This publication includes Nevada rotation numbers, starting times, and game-by-game matchups. (Available in print and digital formats.)


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Wager-Tracker: All Sports Betting Log


All Sports Betting Log

Wager-Tracker, from Sports Odds Direct, the ultimate sports betting log book! Keep track of all your sports bets with this comprehensive sports betting log book. Wager-Tracker features spaces for recording the date, sport, teams, bet type, odds, and amount wagered, as well as a section for recording the outcome and additional notes. Wager-Tracker is a valuable resource for improving your betting skills. Get yours today and start keeping track of your bets like a pro!

Preview Guides

Get one of TEN yearly Sports Betting Preview Guides from Sports Gaming Media and Sports Odds Direct. All guides come complete with full season schedules, previous year’s results, 5-year Team Stats, 5-year historical Wagering Data, Draft Analysis, Off-Season transactions and Wagering Profit/Loss Stats. (Available in print and digital formats.)


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